Enhance both your projects and resources schedules quality and ease of maintenance

A 100% Quebecois tool, easy to use, that will increase the productivity of your team

Keep your schedule up to date effortlessly

Prioritize your projects and milestones

Personal schedule always available

Identify and address schedule issues in real time

View and export a multitude of reports

Decision support by algorithm analyzing skills and availability

Manage your resources and their skills

Maximize your resources assignation

Identify and fix schedule issues in a glance.
Keep your schedule up to date in seconds and share it in real time

  • Find the fit between your resources skills and your projects requirements
  • Master your schedule assisted by a multitude of reports
  • Let the algorithm suggest the right resources for your project.
    It will maximize deadlines, availabilities and skills.

Management of absences and their impact on the schedule

  • Holidays, sick days, leaves, professional outings, summer schedule
  • Report of actual resources capacity
  • Centralization of information


Focus on the goal, let the tool determine how to

The schedule is automatically optimized in a minimum of parameters

  • Remaining hours
  • project priority
  • Assigned resources and time
  • Start and due date

Four Cessio versions to fit your specific needs


All prices quoted are payable in Canadian dollars (CAN)

Cessio 10

  • Full access to all Cessio features
  • Includes 10 employees

Cessio 25

  • Full access to all Cessio features
  • Includes 25 employees

Cessio 50

  • Full access to all Cessio features
  • Includes 50 employees

Cessio 100

  • Full access to all Cessio features
  • Includes 100 employees

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